Monday, September 7, 2009

Updating ...

Just updating a bit. Been a quiet week again. After Wednesday, longed Tiki boy Thurday; he was good; lazy as usual. Cantered right lead and he did cross canter a little, so he probably needs to learn to pick up his right lead on a proper bend. Usually, we get the right lead from a counter bend ... bad Jen! Now that he can actually canter equally on both leads, there's no excuse for not getting him set up properly.

Friday, I rode 4. Started with Chester, and he was so good! Just a nice, easy trot for about 20 mins, then worked his good (right) lead, which has REALLY improved. For a time, his canter was SO bad, I only worked the trot for a few weeks, to try and get him balanced and bent. For a time, his left lead has been non-existant. The cowboy worked on simply cantering, NOT leads. So, getting him to realize he has a left lead is HARD. I've been working my tail off to reinforce left lead = ending work, and he's finally getting it! Got the left lead after only 2 tries, which was a record for him:)

Then rode Audrey. I tell you, when did she get fun?? It's crazy; I used to feel so horrible on her, and I was terrified of screwing her up. Now, I really look forward to riding her. I've gotten used to her bouncy little trot, and we have a bond now. Her canter is just a dream. She's got a natural, easy lead change that I WISH I could package up and put on Tiki. She moves off my leg, does TOTFH easily, makes the step over POLES, can also add the step over poles, and moves consistently forward with virtually no leg from me. I've actually been working on PUTTING my leg on her, since she's so sensitive to it. She's just a good girl!

Mick is my newest ride, and he's only hard because he's so big. His trot is CRAZY! His canter is just lovely, and his attitude is great. He's just so "Whatever", lol. He's taken Audrey's place as my challenging ride; I have to fight every step to keep my body in position, so for the most part, I just work on being EFFECTIVE, NOT pretty. The whole package will get there, it just takes time. Currently just working on asking him to hold himself up, and keeping his butt under his body.

Tiki was good. Rode in draw reins today; I decided that his neck needs to bend, and his butt needs to work twice as hard as it has been, so he can build muscle along his back and topline. The only reason his back is still undermuscled is because I'm obviously lacking in the "getting Tiki to use his ENGINE" department. I will probably only jump once this week, because I won't get to ride until Wednesday. Stayed home today to rest up from the NASCAR race yesterday, and will be riding Audrey in a lesson with Janet tomorrow. Joyce will ship her out, I'll lesson, then Joyce will take her home. I'll stay in Canton and teach my usual lessons, then I have a meeting later for my IEA team. So ... no riding the Tiki boy until mid-week. I'll try and get the mares down front, and do some more hill work this week. 2 more weeks until our 2nd jumper debut!:)

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