Friday, September 25, 2009

Lesson today!

Haven't sat on my boy all week, and Nicole and I decided to take a lesson today. Probably not the GREATEST idea, but it was an idea all the same:) He came out SUPER stiff. And as usual, he was lazy, lazy, lazy. All the babies are growing their coats in, and it's been hot and humid, so that didn't help the laziness issue. Susan said he's stepping under himself better, AND he looked like his butt was muscling up, yay! Apparently I need to cut off my arms.:) I'm way over using my inside rein, and keep dropping the outside. I don't know why this is a problem with me riding him, because I don't feel like I do that on Mick and Audrey. Maybe it's because I'm so focused on THEM, and trying to be perfect that on Tiki I relax try to stay out of his face.

Worked on leg yielding and shoulder-in today. This is where the way over bending with the inside rein occured. His body should be straighter during BOTH exercises. It was so fabulous because I've NEVER been taught either of those moves. After trying a few times, he really started to get them well. I had been doing them, but they were just too bent and not angled properly.

Cantered, and he felt good, but our transitions need work ... which I'm fully aware of. I just NEED to make him do them well without trying to do all the work for him. That was mostly my problem today; I was WAY over riding and trying to literally hold him up with my hands, and muscle him around with my legs. When I just let go and sat straight and put my leg on, he was so much better. I need that now and again; I know I'm on the right track with my boy, but it is SO helpful to have eyes on me to help me not ride like a monkey, ha ha!:)

OK, first course of the weekend! This is the 2'3 jumpers, table 2.21, which was simply one course ridden on time and faults. We were clear, and he felt good. Put 3 in the 2 stride the first time, but I was expecting that and was ready for it. I think there's one or 2 akward jumps in this one, but nothing tragic or awful. Lead changes were THERE!

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