Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Once again, T-3 days and counting ...

Well, it's almost upon us. Our second show. Probably the last one this season, I'm thinking. I've got IEA shows coming up, and I'd like to put a little money towards some clinics or lessons. I think I'd like to hold off until maybe March or so before we venture into the ring again, maybe get solid at 3' and do the level 1/2 jumpers. Anyway! Gave my boy Sunday off and rode yesterday bareback and with a halter. He was good! It was the first time I've *really ridden him bareback. Spent tons of time moving him off my leg at the walk. Did a bunch of leg yields, turns on the forehand, and halts. He was GOOD! Spiraled again, but at the walk.:) Leg yielded out of the circle. Trotted nice and slow and worked on my balance. Canter wanted to get rolling a bit, and I had to nip that in the bud! Trotted into a pole line and halted in the center. He felt great! I had to do some housework today, sadly, so Tiki didn't even lay eyes on me today ... he was probably happy about that! No ride tomorrow because he's getting his second massage; will flat him pretty well on Thursday and then it's Friday; schooling day! I'm excited; I plan to ride like my usual self and not drop him at the base of every fence, so hopefully we'll have a great weekend. Later y'all!

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